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Insurance Claims

Due to hail and wind storms thousands of roofs are replaced by homeowners' insurance companies each year. Whether your roof has leak, or not, you may have damage that can lead to leaks in the future.

Before you pay for a full roof replacement out of pocket, or even call your insurance to file a claim, you should have a professional roofer inspect your roof to help determine whether or not you have damage sufficient enough to meet insurance guidelines for a covered repair or replacement. Let us help you take the stress out of dealing with the insurance company by preemptively inspecting your roof! We can also walk you through the claims process, and can even double check for damage an insurance adjuster may have missed.

Five Steps in the Insurance Claim Process

1) Get a roof inspection from a professional roofing company.

2) If you have damage, make a claim with your insurance provider. Your Restore Roofing and More Representative can help you through this process.

3) Have your insurance adjuster and roofer inspect your roof together. This insures that you get an accurate evaluation.

4) Schedule your roof replacement with your selected roofing company.

5) Your deductible should be your only out-of-pocket expenses.

Restore Roofing and More has a wealth of experience with insurance claims and can guide you from the beginning of the claim until the end.